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Lost Clouds Forever!
Nov 17 , 2005

I have so much stuff going on all at the same time. There is not enough hours in the day. I swear if I was awake 24/7 I still wouldn't be done with all the things I need to do, as well as what I want to do. Doh! I am working on Lost Clouds version 3. I planned it to be implemented in flash with dynamic loading but as of now it's on the backburner since I am trying to find the certain inspiration I want to give it the edge that I originally imagined. The idea was so clear in my mind when I started, but that was in May, and being gone in the Summer and going to Australia has really strained my memory. It will be coming soon, but I have a lot of stuff going on right now. I have updated my current project list so take a list at the new things that you may have already seen if I gave you a peek.

Here's a little something to show what the residual image of the concept I originally had for the new site:



Happy New Year!
Jan 06 , 2005

I haven't posted anything in the past few months since I've been little busy. I have been doing work though. Mostly some wallpapers and some posters, the CAP|ec site is also done and you can see it here: CAP|ec. Please feel free to look at the updated projects page.

In case anyone wants to look at my 2004 updates: 2004.